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»  Searching the Library Catalog
Provides instructions about using basic search functions in the online catalog.

»  Renewing Materials Online
Provides instructions on how to renew your materials online using the Library Catalog.

»  Using Catalog Booklists
Provides instructions about how to use the booklist feature provided with your library account.

»  Suspending Requests
Provides instructions about how to suspend requests so they will not be filled at a time when you cannot pick them up (such as when away on vacation).

»  Canceling a Request
Provides instructions on how to cancel a request in the Library Catalog.

»  Paying Fines Online
Provides instructions about paying library fines online.

»  NeoGov Part 1, Introduction
This tutorial shows the basics of the City of Dallas employment application website, called NeoGov.

»  NeoGov Part 2, Setting Up Accounts
Part 2 of the NeoGov tutorial shows you how to set up an account in the system and start the application process.

»  NeoGov Part 3, Job Applications
Part 3 of the NeoGov tutorial shows you how to begin filling out an application.

»  NeoGov Part 4.1, Introduction
Part 4 covers the second stage of completing a NeoGov job application.

»  NeoGov Part 4.2, Certificates and Licenses
This portion of the NeoGov tutorial covers how to include certificates and licenses in your application.

»  NeoGov Part 4.3, Skills
This segment of the NeoGov tutorial shows you how to add skill sets to your application.

»  NeoGov Part 4.4, Additional Information
This segment of Part 4 discusses how to add additional information to the application.

»  NeoGov Part 4.5, References
This segment of the NeoGov tutorial explains how you can list references on your application.

»  NeoGov Part 4.6, Providing a Text Resume
Segment 4.6 shows you how to enter your resume as plain text. You may also attach a resume (see part 4.7).

»  NeoGov Part 4.7, Attaching Resume Files
The final segment of part 4 of the NeoGov tutorial shows you how you can attach resumes to your application.

»  NeoGov Part 5, Submitting Your Application
And finally, Part 5 of the shows you how to submit your application after you feel sure it is ready.

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