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Resources for Becoming a U.S. Citizen

citizen Prepared by staff of the Dallas Public Library's
Urban Information Center.

This page describes resources available for individuals seeking information about becoming a citizen. The U. S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) is where you will accomplish most of naturalization and citizenship processes. To learn more about the USCIS visit their About Us section. If you notice omissions or have ideas or suggestions, please send us an email.

1) Citizenship & Naturalization
2) Citizenship Classes
3) Contacting USCIS
4) Exam Preparation
5) Forms and Photographs
6) Frequently Asked Questions
7) Organizations and More

1) Citizenship & Naturalization

The USCIS offers plenty of information about Citizenship and Naturalization.

Online Resources



2) Citizenship Classes

Visit our Community Information Database with a keyword search of citizenship classes" for a list of other organizations offering classes in the Dallas area.


3) Contacting USCIS

  • Online Resources

    You can make an appointment for general information, services, and non-electronic forms at InfoPass or call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283.

    • Please note:
      There only needs to be one appointment per family
      Appointments made online will require that you print your confirmation page and bring it with you
      You should bring a goverment issued id card and supporting documents

  • Visit a field office

    You may choose to visit a local field office to speak with an Immigration Information Officer, however, you must have a scheduled appointment with USCIS or an InfoPass appointment.

    Dallas Field Office
    8101 North Stemmons Freeway (Interstate 35)
    Dallas, TX 75247
    Hours, Directions, and more

    To find the offices in locations other than Dallas use the USCIS locator.

  • Visit a Application Support Center

    A few immigrant applications will require a fingerprint and/or background check to be completed at an Application Support Center. Once again to visit, you must make an appointment.

    USCIS Application Support Center
    3701 West Northwest Highway Suite 211
    Village at Bachman Lake
    Dallas, TX 75220
    Hours, Directions, and more
    Other locations


4) Exam Preparation

The following sites provide information and study guides about the citizenship and naturalization tests:


5) Forms

The most up to date information will be available online at the USCIS. You can print the forms you find online and pick them up at the reference desk for .15 cents a page. You may file electronically, but please remember that the process may take over an hour to complete and if you are using a library workstation, it is likely your session will end before you finish filling out an application.


6) Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a green card?
    Visit the USCIS for information about getting, replacing, or renewing a green card.

  • When is the Diversity Visa Lottery and what are the requirements to apply?
    The U.S. Department of State has a Diversity Immigrant Visa Program that randomly selects 50,000 individuals annually (who meet strict eligibility requirements) from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States for permanent resident visas.

  • How do I check the status of my case?
    If you have the application receipt number you can check the status of your case online. If your case is still pending browse the other services offered.

  • How do I get a travel visa?
    The U.S. Department of State has information about international travel for U.S. citizens and visas for foreign citizens. For information about entry/exit requirements for other countries check the Consular Information Sheets.

  • Do you have books about immigration and citizenship that I can check out?
    Yes we do. You can browse the catalog for citizenship or immigration. Or you can look at one of our reccommended titles.


7) Organizations and More

  • International Refugee Committe
    The Dallas office resettles approximately 500 refugees and asylees per year and works to integrate new arrivals into the Dallas population. During its 27 years Dallas IRC staff and volunteers have assisted refugees with obtaining housing, English language training, health care and employment. Working together with volunteers and partner agencies we achieve our overall goal of refugee and asylee self-sufficiency within 4-6 months of arrival.

  • Catholic Charities of Dallas
    This organization offers Refugee and Empowerment Services which includes cultural orientation, ESL and citizenship classes, and more.

  • Opening Doors Immigration Services
    Assists immigrants to navigate the government's immigration system. Based in Denton's Trinity Presbyterian Church. Helps green card holders become naturalized.

  • Human Rights Initiative of North Texas, Inc.
    Human Rights Initiative (HRI), incorporated in the state of Texas in December 1999, is dedicated to the promotion of international human rights and service to immigrants and refugees who have suffered human rights abuses. Created by a group of dedicated legal and human services professionals and volunteers, it came into existence out of the concern for those individuals who seek safe haven in the United States after suffering persecution.

  • DFW International
    A coalition of over 1300 civic, educational, and religious organizations that promotes and coordinates North Texas ethnic and immigrant groups. Provides a webpage listing contact information for ethnic performing artists and an index of metroplex ethnic organizations. An on-line Cultural Calendar is also provided, along with a weekly email of cultural events. The website also provides links to a database of demographic information of North Texas immigrant communities. The group serves as a liason between ethnic communities and the press, educational institutions, and other groups, and is a part of the Immigrant Resource Network. Sponsors the Dallas International Festival, a free yearly cultural celebration.

  • The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC)
    A non profit organization that provides a range of legal and non-legal support services to 173 member agencies comprised mainly of Catholic diocesan immigration programs. Their member agencies serve low-income immigrants seeking family reunification, citizenship, and protection from persecution and violence.